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Let Etrilum handle all of the front end effort necessary for selling your clients on a lighting upgrade and all of the messy project logistics, and we’ll leave you to do what you do best—installing.

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Free audits
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Free proposals
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Procurement & delivery
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Incentive processing
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On-site support


With our accurate and professional quotes and proposals

Free lighting audits

Free proposals

With Etrilum, you’ll never again need to:


• Count bulbs

• Identify fixture and lamp types

• Measure light levels

• Source the right replacements

• Calculate incentive opportunities

Your clients will receive a professional proposal with:


• Product descriptions and pricing

• Monthly savings forecasts

• Eligible incentive amounts

• Financial analyses

• Project plan

We can also offer your clients attractive financing options, so budgetary constraints won’t stop a good project from moving forward.


Achieve better project outcomes

With our comprehensive project management services

Procurement & Delivery

We'll get what you need on site, when you need it.

Incentive Processing

We'll submit the applications and work with Hydro to ensure your client gets the biggest rebate available to them.

On-Site Support

We’ll provide installation

recommendations, product support during the installation process and take care of the

removal and recycling

after you’re done.


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We offer affordable and reliable LED products to electrical contractors for wholesale prices. View our product line-up and get in touch with us for pricing and details. 


80 Aberdeen Street, Ottawa, Ontario

Tel: 613-909-0079  |  Email:


Contact us for a free assessment

11th Floor, 343 Preston Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1S 1N4

Tel: 613-909-0079  |  Email:


Etrilum is based in Ottawa. We offer our services to clients in Eastern Ontario and our products to contractors and retailers across the province.

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